Hey! Some of you might know me as that guy who runs Homologous Legs or that YouTube channel that’s obsessed with VenomFangX, or you might know me some other way. Welcome anyway, whoever you are.

I was thinking about my Internet usage the other day and I decided that I needed to vent my thoughts about general skepticism through the traditional blogging medium, but Homologous Legs is focused on evolution and creationism, and it didn’t seem appropriate to talk about off-topic issues there. So I made this blog, Informal Skepticism, to discuss skeptical issues that I found interesting, as well as serve as a main point of reference for all my other Internet activities. Here I can just post links to things I find browsin’, have a relaxing rant against something I find annoying, or update people on the status of Homologous Legs or my YouTube account. My rolemodel is, of course, the wonderful Podblack, run by Kylie Sturgess of TANK vodcast and Skeptic Zone fame, but don’t expect too much.

I’m only a teenager after all.