Yes, I’ve been neglecting blogging for a while, but for a good reason! The start of the holidays is always a bit rough, and I have been on my school’s Bike Camp for the past five days. Anyway, a new Common Creationist Claim post is up on Homologous Legs, which you can visit here. It’s all about abiogenesis, and should be a good introduction to the kinds of arguments creationists make regarding the scientific study of the naturalistic origin of life.

In other news, the second “first” episode of the Yougn Australian Skeptics was a failure (audio sotware recording problems again). Perhaps it was because I wasn’t there. We may never know. The next attempt is next week, but, being the busy man I am, I cannot attend, AGAIN. Darn Awards Night at school. Darn me winning an award for academic excellence. </humility>