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This is a video of creationists invading a science museum and spreading lies to a group of home-schooled children. At least they’re not from a public school, but still. This stuff really, really pisses me off. If I was in the same museum as these guys, I would have taken them to town all day if I had to.

I’m having trouble expressing my rage. Just watch the video, guys.


Cheers to Fuller from the Young Australian Skeptics forum for bringing this to my attention.

The following is a video of Tim Minchin performing his poem “Storm” at the ‘9 Carols for a Godless Christmas’ concert at Hammersmith Apollo on the 21st of December. Please watch it, it’s really good. Oh, I fantasise about doing things like this.

Yes, it’s Part 5 of “Monkeys, Evolution and VenomFangX”. Watch at your peril, the arguments Shawn (VenomFangX) makes are quite bad.

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